Christians – Ministering to God’s People Through Prayers

We, Christians, minister to God’s people, as a family who has many gifts, talents, with various anointings. Called to bring healing and deliverance.

To be the light in a dark world. Empowered to bring the light of Christ to the hearts and mind of God’s people. Encouraging, supporting, and giving a hand.

Called to war against an enemy who seeks to kill the soul and spirit of man through:

  • Technology
  • Mind control techniques
  • Rituals
  • Blood sacrifice

As people of God, we lost the ability to hear God. Many of our parents, ministers, and priests failed to tell us that we can talk to God and hear what He is speaking.

Our hearts, minds, and spirits long to hear the voice of God, Our Father, Our Creator.

The few who hear God’s voice, attribute it to themselves only – they are special – and that it is not, available to all.

God is here. God wants to teach you to discern His voice.

Father’s Heart Ministry

One avenue God is using to train His people to hear His voice is through Russ and Kitty Walden of the Father’s Heart Ministry.

Imagine yourself going to the Father, asking Him a question you have and hearing a reply.

The Father’s Heart Ministry has teaching videos and a private Facebook group that helps you practice what you learn. Practice in a loving and caring environment.

Wouldn’t it be great to get the answers to so many questions you wanted to ask, but never knew you could? Or, how to.

Listen to what some have reported after their training:

Gladys P., Alberta, Canada ~ For me, it did away with the lie that ‘I can’t hear God’ and now I hear him all the time… It gave me confidence to speak prophetically and to use the gift that God has given me…

Lisa M.,  Norway ~ The practical aspect of the course really challenged me to press into God to get prophetic words for other group members. The weekly teachings helped demystify hearing God’s voice and exposes the myth that only select, appointed people are gifted with prophecy and generously invites all of God’s children to hear His voice and prophecy. It also sheds light on the confusion between Old and New Testament prophecy.

Christie M. Texas, USA ~ I LOVE this program because you receive very comprehensive teachings for each specific gift that you don’t see in other ministries. I’m grateful that Prophets Russ and Kitty have sacrificed so much to empty out of themselves and pour into others. This training is priceless!!!

Hannah W. South Carolina, USA ~ I have taken the Internship course 1. It has been a really good experience. I enjoyed the course, everything I learned and the members I prophesied to and received words from. I now have a good understanding of the Prophetic and am very thankful for all God has revealed. After the course, it was revealed that I will have a prophetic healing ministry after nursing school.

Cynthia B.,  Louisiana, USA ~
These Prophetic Courses have literally Catapulted me into My Destiny! I can NOW clearly hear God’s Voice for myself WITHOUT doubting it’s really Him speaking to me. The Lord also gives me Prophetic Words for others. Thank you Prophet’s Russell & Kitty Walden for your Love and Dedication to the Body of Christ for Activating the Voice of God in us. Your Reward will be Great!

Now you too can hear God’s voice by discovering the secret that it’s available to you today.

You can visit them at


Bringing healing and deliverance to the Body of Christ

I am honor and privilege to know and have worked with several exceptional and gifted ministries which I’d like to share with you. As they are a blessing to me and my family I’m sure they can bless you. Each ministry has a unique approach, years of experience and maturity.

Four Corners Free Ministers Through Discernment and Deliverance Prayers

Four Corners Free is a husband and wife team. Both are gifted. Holy Spirit uses them powerfully through their unique approach of dealing with the strongman.

Their thinking, testing, and discernment are scripture based.

When you request prayers they seek the Lord’s permission to minister to you. Upon receiving the Lord’s authority, they’ll email you a brief questionnaire which upon completion and return they will schedule your session.

They have worked with individuals who had undergone Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), mind control programming, witchcraft attacks, astral travel attacks, generational bondage and much more. Nothing will surprise them.

Aslan’s Place Ministers by Healing Wells and Video Training

Aslan’s Place through Paul Cox and his son Brian Cox serve and train the body of Christ through their video training entitled “Exploring Heavenly Places,” in-house monthly healing services called healing well, and leadership academy several times a year.

Those who cannot attend the in-house prayer session, they offer to minister to people through Skype.

Their approach is to ask God to bring to mind a dream or vision as a starting point. Through revelation, discovery, and prayer you’ll proceed down generations. You will be asked to pray prayers that they have posted on their website for free. Or, that can be found in their book entitled, Generational Prayer 2018 Edition. I highly recommend this book. A powerful tool that no home should be without it.