The Lord has been telling me to trust Him, to trust Him in provision and shelter.Jesus

God has been etching trust in me.

Recently, I realize that I still had areas that I was lacking in trust and surrender. I’ve been going to the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  Finding solutions by myself and without God.

The stripping process

Jesus was stripped of all things for you and me. Even the one-piece tunic was taken. He was stripped completely.

We all will go through some type of stripping throughout our journey here on earth.

I have gone through a similar road, little by little, the faucet of provision dried up into a small trickle. The trickle was so little that we lost our 18+ year home. We fought for our home the best we knew how. It was like fighting Goliath.

The battle was hard and long. Unfortunately, we lost the battle. I lost my home.

They strip us of home and most belongings. Eighteen years of possessions where dump before our eyes. The labor that it took to acquire so many items for them to dispose of as trash.

It was only through God’s infinite grace, mercy and power that we stand here as a witness of His tremendous love.

Day by day the Lord is our provider.

We rest in God.

We have learned to trust that God can bring anything from anywhere, to me.

God may speak to your heart, for you to be the means He uses to bless us this day.

And if He does, I humbly receive your gift and ask the Almighty Father to bless you richly in all that you need both physically and spiritually unto 100 generations.

To those who give from there lack, you honor me. I ask God to open the heavens and pour out such a blessing that you cannot contain it. I also ask that angels be put on assignment to protect and secure, the Lord’s bounty to you.

Thank you for being an instrument of God’s love to us. Thanks for helping me to advance the Lord’s kingdom.