Finding Ones Destiny Scroll

Destiny Scroll

Finding ones Destiny Scroll and fighting or seeking for one’s birthright are really one and the same.

Many are on a journey of seeking their destiny scrolls and looking to find out, what is written therein.

People hearts seek answers as to why they feel unfulfilled or why things are not going smoothly, especially Christian.

Discovering what is written in one’s destiny scroll takes one in a journey of intimacy with Holy Trinity. This spiritual journey leads you to increase prayer, dying to self and rebirth in Christ Jesus.

Why should you seek your destiny scroll?

Your destiny scroll is an image of who you are, who you meant to be. One could go through life never knowing that there is a destiny scroll.

They can spend their life not knowing the greatness they are called to. The drive, imagination of there youth long gone, so they never aim for their God-given assignment. Really the essence of who they are.

Centuries past never heard of destiny scrolls? Only at this time, one hears this buzzword.

Does Everyone have a Destiny Scroll?

Everyone is written in the book of Life. So, everyone has a destiny scroll.

It’s like the pearl of great price. Many will seek it. Yet, many will reject it to create their own destiny without God, the creator of heaven and earth, all dimensions, time, space, galaxies and realms.

Your destiny scroll contains the essence of who you are, in time and out of time. Who you are seated at the right hand of Jesus.

Destiny Scroll Sign Post

Throughout your life, some people perceive their calling or mission, even at a very young age while others don’t have a clue. They are like people walking in the dark, they use their hand and feet not to bump into anything.

They have no idea or thought of who they are, so they try this today and something else the next time. Going about life without direction, goal or purpose.

Those who have an inclination still go about life following that direction yet not reaching their fullness because they don’t see all the signpost in their life that is shaping them into their destiny.

Should you seek to discover destiny or destiny scroll?

My personal belief is that we should. The more we know ourselves, the more we seek revelation in the areas of our life where we sense Godly wisdom and discernment are needed then we should prayerfully seek this.

As you learn about the potential that is in you, that has been waiting for you to discover, take hold and walk in that knowledge, power, and authority.

Your destiny scroll is within you and it is in heaven. There are various scrolls in the heavenlies, there are your destiny scroll, business scroll, gifting scroll, family scroll, belief scroll and many other scrolls.

In belief scroll, we all have a set of godly beliefs that if we nurture and meditate, more revelation, thoughts, and ideas will blossom, and it will bring healing to the nations. There is also General Belief who is in charge to increase your belief.

How to seek one’s destiny scroll?

  1. Spiritually go to heaven and ask to see your scroll.
  2. Ask a prophetic person to seek revelation about your destiny scroll. A word of caution though, a prophet or seer only sees in part and your spirit needs to confirm the revelation received.

In your journey seeking your destiny scroll, you will find out that Satan who like to imitate God, has a satanic scroll written for everyone too.

This satanic scroll contains his set of goals he wants for each person, so they don’t fulfill their godly destiny scroll.

So, if you go directly to heaven or seek out a prophetic person always ask God for His protection, wisdom, and discernment.




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