Fragments of Soul and Spirit

Fragments of spirit and soul

The purpose of this article is to challenge the thinking of some Christians on the topic of fragments of soul and spirit.  I’m not writing for those who are happy and comfortable in the run-of-the-mill traditional Christian thinking. In fact, the whole article would sound totally bizarre.

I am talking to the explorers those who are seeking an answer to something that they feel inside of them. I am offering them a window.

What happens to a fragment of a soul or spirit?

If part of your spirit was taken through trauma before you even had a consciousness, that fragment is you, and it has all the memories, emotions, thoughts, impulses up to the moment of fragmentation.

Fragmented spirit can be taken to other dimensions and/or realms i.e. the realm of Zeus or in a city under the water.

The other part of your spirit may feel, the separation, or feel a loss. Your soul has an imprint, a stamp of what has taken place, and your body has the memory of the event. Every cell speaks of it.

The fragmented spirit which is held captive is punished and caused to do things it does not want to do. It cries out to leave its captivity, but no one knows that this fragmented spirit even exists, so no one prays for its release.

Fragmentation can occur at pre-birth.  So early in life that there are no recollections. Yet you are not whole. The baby upon birth could exhibit signs of something being wrong but no one will really know what happened.

Important questions for exploration.

How many fragments has Satan or his minions taken into captivity?

How many soul fragments can exist or co-exist in a person?

What about the soul? If part of the soul is fragmented, would not that part still be you?

The soul consists of the mind which includes the emotions, feelings, intellect, perception, thoughts, insights, memories, and dreams. The mind is also non-material.

The brain is the material, an organ of the body. The material part, some will say, knows things by chemical reactions. The brain is the storage of information.

Who you are as a sentient being, the fact you have consciousness, that you know, that you know.

Your mind/consciousness is what prays.

God’s trauma protection system

God has created in us a system of protection from traumatic events.  The soul splits or fragments with trauma and the split is called an alter. Trauma can create alters. Alters arise to help one through the trauma, help you cope and deal with the event. Protects you.

What will cause the split depends on the individual. What will cause a split in one person might not happen to another.

People can have many alters. Some alters are very young and cannot speak. Alters can be male or female, have differences, attributes, strength, skills, and abilities. Some alters have their own personality, memories, and experiences. And the core person might not even know they exist.

Who am I?

The body is you, and it speaks, it acts out, it functions and holds memories.

Your blood, DNA, and bone marrow are you. Like, your fingerprint it describes you.

Someone takes your DNA and creates another, is it you. We call it cloning.

If someone takes a part of you to create or incorporate it into another container or vessel. Is it you?

What happens if your soul or spirit is in a multiple of places? Will you have a sense of something missing?

In quantum, 2 particles in different events, locations. What happens to one affects the other. The smallest particle of you, where ever it is, affects you and you affect the other you. Yet a fragment is not the whole.

Purpose and solutions:

I write not to create fear or hopelessness but to increase awareness that these things happen.

Jesus the Good Shepherd is the way, the truth, and life. Salvation is through Him. Healing and integration to wholeness are only possible through Him.

Recovered fragments of soul and spirit — what’s next?

Some healing ministers will have the fragment of the soul or spirit return to the person, to the body.

While others will bring Jesus into the picture and introduce the fragment to Jesus and guide the fragment that it’s best to go with Jesus. Then when the fragment is healed, Jesus will integrate that part back. The process can vary in how Jesus does this.


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