Prophetic Word July 26, 2018

Prophetic Word Way Truth Light

My people come and go.

They do not know where to go.

They have lost their way through the mire of life.

It is not my will that you wallow in the muck of life continuous cycle of never-ending crisis, problems, and difficulties.


In you, you have all. You have been made in my image.

Discover the beauty and marvel that you are.

I have not made you to be in a continuous loop of solving crisis and problems you encounter daily.

I made you, you are the apex of my creation.

You have been veiled and deceive to believe many things that are untrue, though in appearance it seems to be truth.


There is coming a time where many will be confused because of events and supernatural things that will appear before their very eyes. Deception will be prevalent.

In all, it is only through my grace, the prayers of previous generations and a few souls that hear and know my voice that you will not fall into this deception.


Read my words, children.

Understand Genesis, understand I love you and How precious you are.

I have netted you in your mother’s womb. Fashioned in such a way that the stars envy you.

Do not walk in unbelief, but in trust, in my word.

I bless you, my child, that you may walk in my light, my way and my truth.

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