About Me

My mission is to feed God’s people throughout the world with His Word, to bring freedom to the captives and to bring heaven on earth through revelation, teaching, and proclamations.

Through the prophetic gift, we seek to strengthen, encourage and comfort God’s people that they may understand and have a deeper knowledge of their calling and who they are in Christ.

My mission is to open doors that have been closed and to let the King of Glory enter.

We seek to bring light where there is darkness, through generational repentance. And new birth experiences.

We seek to bring restoration and healing through Holy Spirit to God’s people in areas of spiritual and physical DNA, RNA and chromosomes.

We seek to enlarge people’s understanding of the Father’s love for them. And help them have a closer walk with Him, the creator of All Things, The Great “I AM”, the Burning One, El Shaka, El Elia.